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What makes us the best personal safety app?

Your personal safety is our top priority. A wide range of safety features provide for an optimal level of protection in virtually any dangerous situation!

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Alarm triggering & Notification

Your personally selected contacts will be contacted at a Alarm automatically.

Location data & navigation

Your selected protectors are navigated to your danger zone with a simple click or can forward the data to the police.


Within 10 seconds, by entering your personal password, you can cancel the triggered alarm without alerting anyone.


Move freely without constant observation. Your data will only be transmitted after an alarm is triggered.

Awards & Supporter

The emergency app ProtectMii was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

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No Fear.

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Frequently asked questions

Do my protectors also have to own the app?

Yes! Your guards must also have the emergency app.

What happens if my smartphone is destroyed?

If your smartphone is destroyed after a valid alarm is triggered, our server will still send your most recent alarm data (name, location data, time, battery status) to your guards to ensure maximum protection.

Are the police automatically involved?

No! Only your personally selected Guards will be notified. We recommend the guards to additionally involve the police in case of uncertainty. ProtectMii answers the most important W-questions of police officers immediately - WHO, WHEN and WHERE help is needed!

What are the costs
of use?

The emergency call app can be downloaded free of charge. Protectors who only use the app to protect relatives and friends can use the app permanently for free! Users who want to be protected by ProtectMii only need to switch to Premium Membership after the free trial period has expired. The prices depend on the respective country and provider.

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